Join our exceptional team of Bondorians.

At Bondora, our mission is clear: to empower people to enjoy life more, all while alleviating the stress of managing finances. With a foundation laid in 2008, proudly serving a diverse community of over 1 million customers for an impressive 15 years.

Our commitment to building trust is reflected in the intuitive online products and services we provide, designed to help you save, grow, and spend money with confidence. But Bondora is more than just a financial hub—it’s a vibrant community powered by a team of Bondorians worldwide. Our shared values bind us together as one cohesive unit dedicated to a common goal while celebrating the uniqueness each team member brings.

Bondora is on the brink of an exciting transformation. As a rapidly growing financial technology company, we’re reaching new heights with a bold vision. We’re set to acquire a banking license, unlocking a world of possibilities for our customers. Our sights are set on achieving a valuation target of 1 billion by 2026, and we’re expanding our footprint to 11 new countries.

But to achieve this, we need exceptional individuals to join our team of Bondorian. And that’s where you come in.

Working at Bondora is awesome. But the benefits make it even better!


Annual leave, 5 weeks of yearly paid vacation. Sabbatical, four weeks of paid vacation every five years.


Free daily office lunches, monthly massages, cake, snacks, coffee and more.


Community events, everything from big events to smaller, regular get-togethers. Team events, to bond and have fun each quarter.


1200€ gross once a year to use for what you love.


Physical health care, healthcare services covered for you, your partner, and your children. Mental health care, free access to mental health care professionals. Workstation Ergonomics, budget to set up a healthy work environment in the office or remotely.


Receive a percentage of ownership in the company.

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Superhero Team
Loan Servicing
Tallinn, Harju, Estonia
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Our values

We are Curious. We are Fast. We are One Team.

These values are not mere words but a set of living, breathing behaviors that define how we operate, innovate, and collaborate in Bondora. These values guide us through a dynamic landscape where curiosity sparks innovation, speed propels action, and unity fosters a powerful, cohesive team. They’re not just what we believe; they’re how we work, learn, and succeed together. These values serve as our compass, guiding our decisions, actions, and interactions as we journey together toward excellence.

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I didn’t know what a supportive workplace looks like and I’m really happy to be part of it. I highly recommend working here.

A rewarding place to work

The most rewarding part of my work is watching our customers build wealth in a relatively short period of time. Whether their dream was to have more time with family, more financial freedom or to build a legacy to pass along to their children, I love having played a part in helping them get there.

Özgün Akay